My very first lifestyle review: Nana’s Green Tea!

Nana's Green Tea exterior

Hey lovelies!  I was invited for a food tasting at Nana’s Green Tea last week, and I thought it’d be an interesting divergence from my usual beauty rants and raves.  To be honest, I was quite uncertain at the beginning – I wanted to be true to my core which is beauty & skincare, and am careful about letting companies / brands “hijack” my audience.  However, I have received suggestions from my subscribers to branch out a little.  More importantly, I have actually been to Nana’s for lunch a number of times before this on my own volition, and LOVED it!

Nana's Green Tea exteriorLocated on the 3rd floor of the new Plaza Singapura extension, Nana’s is usually quiet and relaxed, a welcome oasis for my hectic lifestyle.  The food tasting session was probably the busiest I have ever encountered at Nana’s, but I still managed to have a nice, chill, dinner with my girlfriend XY.

Nana's Green Tea interior

True to its name, Nana’s has an extensive menu of Japanese green tea drinks, both matcha (pure green tea) and hojicha (roasted green tea).  From the simple hot matcha to the decadent Azuki red bean with white pearl float, the possibilities are endless!

Nana's Green Tea green tea picts

Nana's Green Tea hojicha varieties

Apart from teas, Nana’s also has a lovely selection of Japanese fusion food.  There is a little bit of everything to suit most taste buds, ranging from the standard hand rolls and chicken karaage, to rice dons and Japanese curry.  Each dish also comes in a number of options such as beef/chicken/seafood and hot/cold.  When I was here in the past, I had been blown away by the Salmon & Maguro don!

Nana's Green Team salmon maguro don

For this food tasting session, I decided to try something that I’ve not had before.

My gf and I started with the salmon carpaccio.  This was a generous serving of fresh salmon sashimi, nice juicy thick slices (each slice is easily 2x that typically served in other Japanese restaurants!), served with a delicious drizzle of Nana’s special sauce (I detected some vinegar, soya sauce, sesame) and topped with healthy daikon!  At $8.80, I thought this was a really good deal!

Nana's Green Tea Salmon Carpaccio

For mains, I decided to venture out of my comfort zone, and order one of the cold udons that seemed unique to Nana’s.  I have tried cold sobas and cold ramens, but never had cold udons.  It came topped with thinly sliced cucumber, sweet corn, lettuce, cherry tomato and daikon.  The udon was nice and springy, not soggy or too tough, simply perfect.  What made this dish standout was the gravy.  I’m generally averse to cream sauces, but Nana’s has perfected a smooth, tasty gravy (I tasted sesame / peanut in the sauce) that is not too heavy on the palette.  In fact, by the time I mixed everything up, the gravy had pretty much been absorbed by the noodles, making each mouthful equally tasty as the next!

Nana's Green Tea cold Beef Udon

XY decided on something hot instead, but equally interesting – salmon udon with cream sauce.  The toppings were the same, but the sauce was much much lighter than mine, it was more like a creamy soup.  There was a generous serving of salmon that was just nicely cooked and firm, not overcooked such that they crumbled the moment you tried to pick them up.

Nana's Green Tea salmon udon

Looks blurry? That’s because the noodles was steaming when it arrived!

For drinks, we both decided on one of Nana’s tea lattes – a hot matcha latte for XY, and an iced hoji latte for me.  I was actually rather fond of my iced hoji latte as the hoji had a nice roasted taste to it that took away some of the tang of usual green teas.  Unfortunately, I did not think through my choices well enough, a hot drink would have been a better accompaniment to my entire cold menu!

Nana's Green Tea drinks

Stuffed as we were, we had to make some room for desserts!  XY and I decided to share the Matcha Anmitsu.  Japanese healthy traditional jelly and white mochi served with a scoop of my favorite matcha ice cream and red bean paste.  Since I generally do not have a sweet tooth, I really enjoyed the mix of the slightly blande jelly with sweet ice cream.

Nana's Green Tea dessert

Overall, Nana’s Green Tea serves up a delectable range of food and saliva-inducing drinks and desserts at a very affordable price point.  But what had kept me coming back, was its thoughtful wait staff.  My first visit to Nana’s was the very first time I brought my then 3-month old baby out alone.  Overwhelmed with all the logistics of bringing a young infant out, I was looking for a quiet place to rest my feet and feed my growling tummy.  As I was wheeling my baby in his stroller to Nana’s, I realized I had to navigate several steps down.  Before I even had time to ponder the situation, one of Nana’s staff had stepped up, said hi, smiled politely, and carried baby and stroller down the steps!  Even before I had a chance to order my meal, baby was fussing for his milk, so I requested for some hot water to warm up his bottle.  When the waitress brought the hot water, she noticed how baby’s bottle was too big for the cup she had brought, and straight away went to transfer the water into a wider glass without me asking!  In a city where bad service predominates, such thoughtful, proactive service is truly commendable and sets Nana’s apart.

The sweet lunch promotion that is on-going now!   PS: Instead of waving frantically for a service staff, you can simply press a button... and somebody WILL show up!

The sweet lunch promotion that is on-going now!
PS: Instead of waving frantically for a service staff, you can simply press a button… and somebody WILL show up!

Nana’s Green Tea can be found at The Atrium @ Orchard, Plaza Singapura 60B, Orchard Road, #03-80/82.  Opens Mon – Sun, 11am – 10pm.

Have you visited Nana’s yet?

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